Hassan Ramazani Kooshan

My friend Hussain Leo Kooshan is a Senior at Scattergood Friends School. He is asking for help so his younger brother, Hassan Ramazani Kooshan, currently living in war torn Afghanistan, can attend school in the United States. Following is Hassan’s story.

GoFundMe https://gofund.me/d5f7542c

Meet Hassan.

Hassan is 16 years old and a 9th-grade high school student in Kabul, Afghanistan.

His school, the Rishkhoor Families Boys School, has been burned and where he has been studying Math lessons has been bombed by the Taliban. He has lost friends and teachers because of the violence. Despite the tragic situation, Hassan has stayed on top of his studies.

Hassan remains hopeful and is committed to studying to become a doctor in the future. He is goal-oriented, passionate, and strong. At the same time, he is caring, loving, observant, curious, and unfailingly polite.

Hassan’s father is a day laborer who works for local people in Kabul, and he earns $4 per day which barely supports his family. Hassan works with his father to help pay for math lessons for himself and notebooks for his siblings.

After much work, Hassan has been admitted to The Orme School, a unique college preparatory school in Mayer, AZ, and has received nearly a full scholarship to begin in the Fall. Still, he needs additional funds to pay for room and board, books, and airfare, and other costs of being a US high school student.

The funds collected here will go to meeting those other costs. Will you please help us help Hassan continue his education in the U.S. and work toward his dream/?

In gratitude for your help,

Penn Valley Friends Meeting, Kansas City, MO

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