Promise to Protect Training

The Promise to Protect is a commitment to resist fossil fuels where you live and prepare to take creative action along the Keystone XL pipeline route when called upon by Indigenous leaders. With millions of dollars being poured into fossil fuel projects each year and TransCanada planning to begin pipeline construction this June, we must be ready to mobilize and fight back to protect the land, air, and water. Construction may be delayed, but we know that fossil fuel companies like TransCanada will stop at nothing to build their dirty projects. This year we will hit the road with the Promise to Protect Training Tour – a historic, Indigenous-led project coming to 9 cities across the United States that will provide skills and resources to activists who are resisting proposed fossil fuel projects in their communities and, if called upon, are committed to taking peaceful action on the route of Keystone XL. You’ll receive training on nonviolent direct action and support roles, political education, and protocols for mobilizing in Lakota territory and how to apply these lessons to local campaigns. The mission of this tour is to educate, empower, and elevate the voices and skills of community members to take back their land and push out extractive oil and gas companies. After the training, community members will be equipped with the knowledge and support necessary to organize their own actions and trainings to stop the fossil fuel industry in their tracks and to demand that fossil fuels be kept in the ground. 2/26/2019

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Victory Song (feat. Kodi DeNoyer) Frank Waln

Promise to Protect One Year Anniversary

So struggle for everybody. We all got to drink water, we all got to breathe the air. I ask that you join us you, join our fight. I learned over the years of struggle with American Indian Movement it’s always been a land struggle and with the power of allies and that’s what we’re asking for people to just continue to join with us. Keep in touch with those that are on the ground fighting this pipeline because a lot of us say we do this, you know, I’m not gonna get paid it. It is we just do it with what we have. Come stand and do what’s right for not only indigenous people but for all life

If that comes to you from in here, then go with it. There’s a reason why you feel that way. And go with it if you are able to. Just go and find out.

Madonna Thunderhawk, Water Protector, Lakota People’s Law Project

Currently there isn’t a training location in Iowa. But I have suggested those of us who were trained to plan and teach others about nonviolent direct actions might use that experience to do this type of training in more locations. The Keystone Pledge of Resistance trained around 400 Action Leads, who in turn trained about 4,000 people in their local communities.

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