Angry about climate change

I don’t often get angry, but I am so frustrated because even after this incredibly destructive year, most people in our country refuse to believe in climate change and how we are destroying our environment.

  • Over 50 inches of rain in Houston in four days with massive flooding.
  • Total devastation of Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria.
  • Multiple fires out of control in California right now with thousands of homes and many square miles of earth destroyed and lives lost.
  • Major cracks in Antarctic glaciers and melting ice in Iceland
  • Increasingly hot ocean temperatures and dying coral reefs
  • Melting permafrost
  • Increasing rate of increasing concentrations of heat trapping greenhouse gases

If  these things won’t convince people, what will?  People act bewildered by the incredible fires burning today, by the fury of hurricanes, and yet refuse to acknowledge they are the DIRECT result of ALL the years of driving ALL those cars.

These things are not anomalies and not a surprise to anyone who has studied environmental science.  Not “one in X number of year events”.  These are the new normal, and will only get worse and quickly.

More people are beginning to talk about climate change, but they don’t really believe it if they think they can still burn fossil fuel.  If they still use airplanes.  If they still rely on personal automobiles.  If they still live in huge houses requiring so much energy to heat and cool.  If they allow pipelines to be built.  If they allow fracking.  If they do not believe Puerto Rico and the Florida Keys will be hit with more hurricanes and flooded by rising ocean waters, along with Miami, New York City, Los Angeles….

All this is climate denial.  It is not a matter of what people say, but what they do, or CONTINUE NOT to do.

The point here is not to make you feel guilty about the past.  The point is I still have hope and faith that you will stop living with disregard for Mother Earth, and raise your voice, which is desperately needed now.  We have to make some very difficult choices.  We have to speak up for mass transportation systems and responsible urban planning now.  We have to stop building fossil fuel infrastructure and wasteful housing.  We have to stop poisoning the earth with tar sands extraction and fracking.  We have to build renewable energy sources.  We have to help people from ocean islands and coastal cities relocate now, not after disaster has struck. We have to figure out where we will get food and water when vast areas of the earth turn to desert and clouds of dust fill the sky.

There is talk about how people refuse to face these things because they are paralyzed by fear.  Future generations need us to get over it, now.  Be courageous.




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