100 Days

As the political world focuses on what the new Republican administration has and has not accomplished in its first 100 days, I’m reposting something I wrote last May, during the primary election season, as my own benchmark.  There were a couple of comments at that time that were well said.  https://kislingjeff.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/privileged-trump/

One reason I wanted to revisit this today is because of the proposed budget and tax cuts.  We have heard over and over again that cutting taxes on the wealthy and corporations will stimulate economic growth, when the reality has ALWAYS been, instead, decreasing or no funds for services government should be providing.

The combination of slashing corporate taxes and significantly increasing a tremendously wasteful military budget mean the things we expect from our government, like protection of the environment, funding for research, infrastructure, and social safety nets, will not be possible.

I would rather not write about Donald Trump…
The truth is that he has no integrity.  He does not have a political or social philosophy, other than amassing wealth and power for himself.  He uses people’s fears to promote conflict between groups of people, then offers himself as the solution to any problem.  But he never says what the solution is.  I don’t believe he has the knowledge or desire to do the work necessary to come up with solutions.  Continuing to promote conflict serves his personal agenda.
He promotes distrust between different groups of people, rather than trying to remove the barriers between them.  
He is obviously ignorant of how government actually functions.
He promotes the idea that government should be run as a business.  Therefore a businessman, such as himself, would be a good President.
That is a fundamentally flawed argument.  We don’t pay taxes so the government can make money.
We pay taxes to provide the common services needed by all.  For infrastructure construction, and services such as public education, emergency services, food, water and drug safety, etc.  These are not intended to make money, and should not be characterized as subsidizing the poor.

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