Youth Taking Environmental Action

Yesterday I wrote about the powerful message from RezPect Our Water, asking us to educate all children and youth about the importance of our environment, our water, and the threats to it.  Although this comes after the Republican administration’s final approval of the easement, and construction of the Dakota Access pipeline under the Missouri River, it is a broader appeal to engage and promote the voices of youth in decisions that will significantly impact their future.  The RezPect message makes the excellent point that the administration has already heard the adult voices.

I believe youth voices are the hope for the future.

I have noticed a number of youth were brought to each of our #NoDAPL events over the past year.  Ezra and Ella, of North Meadow Circle of Friends, participated in numerous event related to the Keystone pipeline, and appear in this video about the Keystone Pledge of Resistance.

Along these lines there have been a number of youth oriented environmental efforts here in Indianapolis.   It was because of their strong focus on youth and the environment that I first became engaged with the Kheprw Institute (KI).

A Kids Peace rally was held on the grounds of the Statehouse recently.

Earth Charter Indiana and its youth program, Youth Power Indiana, launched, one year ago, a resolution designed to encourage the city of Indianapolis to act boldly about climate change. This Resolution got its first hearing before the City County Council on Thursday, Feb. 9,  before the Public Works Committee.

The Climate Recovery Resolution states: “A PROPOSAL FOR A SPECIAL RESOLUTION to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency and renewable energy use, to create a climate change-resilient City of Indianapolis that will protect the children and grandchildren of the community.”

“Climate change is real and presents a clear and present danger to our nation, our state and our city,” said City-County Council Vice President Zach Adamson, the sponsor of the Resolution. “I’m proud to stand with the next generation to urge immediate action on this crisis. I’m hopeful that our city leaders will hear the voices of those who’ll have to live with ramifications of the choices we make today, be they good or bad. May we have the courage to step up on this issue before it’s too late.”


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