Teach Your Children

We live in, and are moving into even more chaotic times.  So many of the systems, institutions, ideas, social norms, ways of communicating, and means of making a living have changed dramatically in a short time.

Many are expressing this in various ways as the end of empire.  The global financial, political, and manufacturing systems based upon materialism and the accumulation of wealth regardless of the human and environmental costs no longer have those resources available to continue to sustain them.  Those who hold positions of power in those systems are, despite their frantic efforts, losing their power.

Growing numbers of people are realizing this, and being forced to figure out what to do now that the status quo is failing.  People are beginning to realize we have a crisis of values.  Lives built on materialism are empty and unsatisfying.  And institutions we once believed in have been turned against us.  As just one example, the criminal justice system has been turned into a program to remove Black men from society, and to attack unarmed, praying Native Americans.  No one talks about our continuous wars and the staggering amount of lives, money and other resources they consume.

Fortunately, an awakening is occurring.  A new society is slowly emerging.  Are you going to be part of it?  Because this new society will need the engagement of every willing person.  This new society realizes we can no longer trust others to do the work we should be doing anyway.  This new society needs teachers young and old to demonstrate how to live lives of value.  What are you teaching your children?  What do you wish you could teach your children?

Now is a crucial time.  We are moving into a new era.  Which direction that takes will depend upon who steps up to help lead the way.  The new way needs your help.

The situation related to the Dakota Access pipeline is an excellent example of this.  In the old days of the empire, it was acceptable to disregard and kill Native Americans, and steal their land from them.  It is acceptable to force farmers and landowners to allow a fossil fuel pipeline to be built on their land, despite the well documented record of pipeline spills.  It is acceptable to blatantly deny First Amendment rights to First Americans.  It is acceptable to use militarized police, mace and attack dogs against people who are simply praying that the pipeline will be stopped, so the water can be protected.  It is acceptable for the mainstream media to hide these abuses by not reporting on them.

Just think about that–police in riot gear and military vehicles attacking people who are praying.  This is a chance to raise your voice against this oppression, and for the new way forward.  Not the time to sit on the sidelines.  What do your children think about this?

I hope each one of us will consider right now what we will do as we move into the new era.  Talk with your friends and neighbors.  Speak out against abuse.

What are we teaching our children now?


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