Sad State of Politics

Last night’s Presidential “debate” was a new low for the state of politics in our country, at least in my lifetime.

As Rev William Barber has been saying, there are some issues that are not a matter of left versus right, or liberal versus conservative, but rather right versus wrong.  As he puts it, we have a “heart” problem in America, and we are called to be the “moral defibrillators” of our time.

This makes me even more grateful for the work of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, (FCNL), that continues to work tirelessly for legislation that supports justice for all.  And the work of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and its international work for peace and justice (both are Quaker organizations).

We can lament that our political system is broken and corrupted.  But our choice is either to give up and do nothing, or try to somehow fix what is broken.  Despite how political districts have often been drawn to dramatically favor one party or the other, if we still believe in a participatory democracy, we need to vote.  Even in these apparently “safe” political districts, elections are often won by a handful of votes.

There is so much that is discouraging about the current state of political affairs.  But we still, at this point anyway, have the mechanisms in place for peaceful political change.  If we don’t vote…


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