Creative Resistance

We are literally in a life and death struggle against the fossil fuel industry.  The industry’s global financial and political reach is massive, and infrastructure is everywhere.  The industry has spent millions and millions of dollars to cover up the environmental and health consequences of fossil fuel extraction and burning.  Politicians were, and are, paid great sums for favorable legislation and regulation.

Once people finally began to understand the realities, most despaired of being able to make the needed changes.

Fortunately a symbolic target was realized with the Keystone XL Pipeline decision.  Environmental activists from the Rainforest Action Network, CREDO, and the Other 98% created the national Keystone Pledge of Resistance campaign, and traveled to 25 cities in the United States to train local leaders (400) to organize and act locally if it looked like the President might approve the pipeline.  At the same time Indigenous people trained hundreds in the art of nonviolent civil disobedience.

While the decision was being considered, Bold Nebraska and many farmers and others had a barn raising event along the route of the pipeline that included a wind turbine and solar panels.

As we know, President Barack Obama courageously stood up for us and rejected the pipeline application.

The powerful nonviolent resistance in support of the Standing Rock Sioux has been amazing to behold.  Recently another creative and practical means of support involved the delivery and installation of solar panels at the site of the resistance.  This is an amazing symbolic action.  Story here:



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