Moral Crisis

Culture wars and political rhetoric are poisoning our politics and how we treat each other.  A culture of economic, social and political privilege is ending and the privileged are frightened and unwilling to accept change.

Our political leaders are betraying the most fundamental ideals most of us believe in.  Instead of working for the common good, politics in particular, and society in general has switched to each guarding what is seen as his/her own, protecting what he/she has despite what others might need.

This is the age old issue of personal versus community, selfishness versus sharing, material versus spiritual.

It is important that those who have a vision of community and compassion raise their voices against those clinging to greed and power.

It is morally reprehensible that politicians continue to create and enforce policies against others in all kinds of situations–refugees, people of color, people of certain faiths, people of lower economic means, people of different sexual orientation and identity, anyone who isn’t of the privileged class.

These extreme, immoral policies have to be changed.  That will only happened when people raise their voices to support each other, and address the many, many problems of privilege.

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