President Obama’s Iran briefing to activists


Last night President Obama spoke for half an hour by phone to activists who support him.  He described how the Iran deal is a good deal for the United States and all the counties who joined in the negotiations in good faith that they would all agree to the deal.  This is the agreement that the international community hammered out and supports. If Congress defeats this bill, that will likely end any influence the United States could have in the Middle East. Opponents of the bill only offer that we need a “better deal”, but have nothing to offer as to what that could possibly be.  Those who say we should continue with sanctions don’t understand that is not possible now  Sanctions only work when the international community supports and enforces them.  That won’t happen if they see the U.S. cannot agree on a foreign policy, as would be evident if this bill is defeated. There is also the question of who the sanctions hurt, which is the people of Iran, not their leaders.  This feeds the movement to join terrorist organizations.  An improved standard of living for the Iranian people should help mitigate that. The President specifically asked us to speak out to support this deal.  “In the absence of your voices, you are going to see the same array of voices that got us into the Iraq war, leading to a situation in which we forgo a historic opportunity and we are back on the path of potential military conflict,” he said.

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